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Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts have been around for a long time and are extremely useful in productivity in the workplace, at home, or just daily computer use. Shortcuts are an almost instantaneous ways of accomplishing a set task such as opening settings or even copy/pasting text. Keyboard shortcuts are powerful tools that have numerous benefits to the user.

Windows and Mac have similar shortcuts, however different ways of executing them. Windows utilizes the Windows Key on the keyboard and MacOS uses the Command Key on the keyboard. Not all keyboards have the Command Key, to use the Mac shortcuts a MacOS compatible keyboard is required. On the other hand, Windows keyboards are required to do Windows shortcuts.

Properly performing a keyboard shortcut is easy. Pressing the required keys simultaneously will execute the shortcut command. If the shortcut you are using is to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 computer, simply press the Windows Key and print screen button at the same time. You will know that you have performed the shortcut correctly if you see the screen darken for a second.

Both MacOS and Windows 10 have a multitude of keyboard shortcuts that are vital to making you look like a pro! Here is a list of the essential keyboard shortcuts for both MacOS and Windows 10:

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