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Did you know you could take a picture of your screen from your computer? This is called a screenshot. Screenshots are extremely useful when it comes to saving information in the form of a picture or even troubleshooting a problem with your PC. Either way screenshotting is a versatile tool that any PC user can use and its quite simple too!

There are multiple ways to screenshot on both MacOS and Windows 10. The simplest way of screenshotting is using a keyboard shortcut. On Windows 10 it is the Windows Key + Print Screen, this will take a photo of your entire screen. If done correctly, your screen should darken for a second and then return to normal. On MacOS performing a screenshot is just as easy as Windows 10, simply press Shift + Command + 3. Another way of performing screenshots is to use software tools.

Software tools are a little trickier than the keyboard shortcuts above. Built into Windows 10 is an app called “Snipping Tool” this will take a screenshot of a portion of your screen. When launching the snipping tool, a window will appear, there are different modes for different types of screenshots. Select new, you will notice your screen goes gray and you can click and drag the size of your snip. After you are done snipping it will let you save the screenshot, and you are done! On MacOS this process is much easier, Mac utilizes a keyboard shortcut to perform this action. Simply press Shift + Command + 4, this will give you a crosshair that you click and drag to take a screenshot of what portion of the screen you wish.

Screenshots are a very simple tool that has a lot of use in everyday computing. At Midshore Technology Services we use screenshots all the time for information, troubleshooting and much more. If user’s have any questions about screenshotting or how to perform a screenshot call our office at (866) 987-5389.