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Uninstalling Applications

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Do you have unwanted applications on your PC that are clogging your disk space? Well there is a way to delete these unwanted applications in a couple simple steps! Uninstalling applications is a simple task that is very useful in cleaning up your PC. Removing these applications might even improve your PC’s performance as well! There are two easy methods to uninstall programs and applications from your PC.

The first method is to go to Settings > Apps, this brings up the applications that are on your PC. In here you can modify/uninstall any application you want if you have administrative privileges on your PC. For some applications you can press modify and fix application files if they are corrupted. Most of the programs on your computer can be found in this setting. However, if you do not see the application or program, you’re looking for the second method will work better.

The second method is to press the Win Key > “Control Panel” > Programs > Uninstall a Program. Once you are in the Programs and Features window you will see a list of all programs and applications on your PC. To uninstall a program simply scroll or search for the application you desire and select it. After selecting the program, hit uninstall at the top, a message will prompt you to double check you want to uninstall. After it is done uninstalling, it will disappear from the list of applications (refresh may be required) and will open up space on your drive.

These simple methods of uninstalling programs/applications on your PC will help your PC run better and clean up space. It is important to keep your drive junk free and at optimal performance. Midshore Technology Services offers drive optimization and will help uninstall unwanted programs off your PC. If user’s have any questions on how to uninstall a program or disk optimization call us at (866) 987-5389.