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Voice over IP (VoIP)

Enterprise-grade VoiP Telephone Service

70+ Features

Our Global Voice over IP telephone network includes features that our customers love. It’s time to ditch traditional phone systems!

Traditional phone systems require mounted hardware, costly technician visits and manual, labor intensive programming.

MTS VoIP costs a fraction of the cost and does not require all of the costly hardware.  Together, with our partner OIT we are modernizing businesses across Delmarva, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Auto Attendant

MTS VoIP includes unlimited Auto Attendants with a Visual Builder that is simple enough for anyone to use and understand.

Web Portal

Easy to use web portal will make managing your service a breeze from any device and from anywhere. Additional features acceesible here.

Call Recording

With our VoIP solution, you can record calls on-demand, always or never. Use recordings for accountability or training.

Call Parking

Place a call on park - this way you can move about your space without needing to call customers back or drop calls.

Hunt Groups

Route calls to a group of users or even their cell phones. Or have all of the phones in the office ring at once. Use this to enhance call experience.

Local Support

You can expect to speak with an MTS staff member based in Maryland. If there are any additional calls that need to be made, we deal with it.

Want to learn more about MTS VoIP?

We’d love to show you the benefits of upgrade your office to MTS VoIP.  We know that you’ll love it!  Reach out and lets get started.

VoIP is a great way to reduce costs

How it works?

MTS VoIP Phone Service has modernized the way many businesses use their office phones.  During the COVID Pandemic, we have seen more than 90% of our customers work from home and answer the phones like they are in the office.  From an app on their cell phone or by taking their desk phone home.

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They trust us

What Our customers Say

Most businesses subscribe to “big telecom” telephone and communications services. Big telecom focus on their stock price and investors while Voice 9 only focuses on our customers. We categorically beat Comcast and Verizon prices while offering a more robust service for business.

Once you subscribe to MTS VoIP, you'll immediately wonder why you didn't do it sooner. The service and support MTS provides us is amazing!
Owner - Real Estate Agency
Our call volume has increased nearly 100% in the last year. MTS VoIP is exactly what we needed to better route our incoming callers.
Office Manager - Construction
MTS VoIP helps us sound more professional when customers call us. We use an auto attendant with options for our various departments.
Sales - HVAC Company

Business IT Essentials

Managed Services

Having a solid strategy and support team is essential to business operations, regardless of how many employees are in the office. Forbes found that the vast majority of small businesses lack the IT essentials and as such suffer more down time. Our managed services provide your business with peace of mind and far less technology-related downtime.


Cybersecurity (should be) in the forefront of every business strategy. Protecting your "crowned jewels" and customer information is essential. We are certified and highly qualified and continue to out pace our competition with our cyber-services. Our standardized cyber-services are the perfect fit for your business.


Strategy, risk analysis, architecture and system security planning are all very complicated subject areas. Our team has decades of combined experience with Federal, State, Local and Private Business. We are prepared to handle your next project through our professional consulting services. We are committed to serving our clients' needs.